Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Belt Napkin Rings

I just think that these are so cute!! I saw wooden napkins ring last night at Hobby Lobby and instantly thought it looked like Santa's waist! This would make a good project for kids!! (And, yes, that is a washcloth in the picture. I do not own any cloth napkins.)

You'll need:
wooden napkin rings (mine were called "colonial style")
red paint
black paint
white paint
craft knife (xcacto knife)
yellow craft foam
hot glue

1. Base coat entire napkin ring with white paint.
2. Paint outside ridges with red paint.
3. Paint inside ridge with black paint. I used painter's tape to block of red rings.
4. Cut craft foam with knife to resemble a belt buckle.
5. Hot glue belt buckle to ring.

1 comment:

Ginger said...

Thought these were adorable thank you for showing us how to make them.
hugs ginger