Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handmade Vintage Gift Tags

I have just fallen in love with these tags!! I have decided to put them on all of my Christmas gifts! They are so easy and so very pretty to make! Just think of all of the different graphics you could put on these!! For the little ones, you could put their picture on them so they can find their own gifts. Cartoon characters, family members, words, clip art, the possibilities are endless!!

To make these tags you will need some sort of graphic program (I used Publisher but I think you might be able to make these in Word), tag templates, graphics, and card stock.

I got my tag templates from 2 different sites: Family Crafts and Craft Ideas

My graphics come from Silver Collect, 24k Vintage Art, Chicks57, and Publisher clip art.
All 3 sites allow you to use their graphics as long as there is no intent to sell any products with the graphics on it. Also, to get the graphics from 24k, you have to join the site. It is free to get the Christmas graphics and you just need your name and email to register.

To get started, download the tag template of your choice into graphic program. Next, download graphic to same program. Stretch or shrink the graphic to fit inside the tag. Add any words or text you may like. Print onto card stock, cut out tags, and punch a hole through the top.

These tags make a great addition to all of those gift bags we like to reuse!! They just add a nice, personal touch!! Oh, don't forget to fill out the "To & From" on the back side of the tag!!


Crafty Sue said...

I love Vintage tags and cards, these are so pretty, you've done a nice job.

luthien said...

oh! these are really pretty! will look great on you christmas tree :))))

ford said...

That was absolutely a great gift tags ideas so wonderful! I love it.

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ford said...

That was very adorable gift tags I love it. Keep posting!

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