Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sushi Anyone??

Ryan's sister loves sushi so for Christmas I decided to make her some sushi ornaments for her tree. I got the idea from Craftster. I then decided to "take it up a notch" and make them look more authentic. I used glue dots to hold the soy sauce and chopsticks in place. Jaiden asked me why I had sushi. She thought they were real!

I am going to put them in a paper bag with a Chinese menu stapled to the top as the gift packaging.

I didn't take step by step pictures but, I will try to describe how to make them.

You'll need:
Yarn (red & white)
green felt
hot glue.
piece of cardboard

1. I cut a rectangle off a tissue box, about 2 1/2" x 4".
2. Wrap the red yarn around the cardboard to make the center. You will have to wrap several times. Cut end and tuck under.
3. Over top the red yarn, wrap the white yarn. You will almost need to double the amount of white than the red.
4. Slip the yarn off the cardboard and tie in center with yarn. Cut all of the loops. Position the red so it in the center with the white all around.
5. Cut felt to wrap around the yarn. Slip another piece of yarn (hanger)under the felt. Hot glue felt ends in place.
6. Trim up ends of sushi so that they are all one length and look neat and even.


luthien said...

oooo... these look really real! great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a tease!!!!