Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowmen Candy Bars

These are what Jaiden's teachers are getting for Christmas this year. Really low cost and easy to make. The snowman is from Laurie Furnell. I believe the only restrictions on this graphic is it is only to be used for non-profit uses only. Just download the graphic and re size it to fit your needs. (I did this in a regular Word program)

You'll need:

1 large Hershey candy bar
1 fleece scarf ($1.00 at Deals Dollar Store)
aluminum foil (enough to wrap bar)
double sided permanent tape
snowman graphic by Laurie Furnell

1. Print out graphic. I took my to Office Depot and had them copy it onto a thin glossy paper. ($0.65 each copy)

2. Measure the amount of fleece you'll need for the hat by wrapping it around the top of the bar. Be sure to leave enough for a seam allowance.

3. Turn up bottom side to form a brim for the hat.

4. Sew hat right sides together and turn right side out. Position the seam so that it will be in the center back of the bar.

5. Take the foil and wrap it around the candy bar like you are wrapping a gift. Be sure to leave the regular wrapper on including the Hershey slider.

6. Cut the wrapper to size an center it on candy bar. Use a piece of tape to secure it to the bar and a piece to secure the end.

7. Place hat on top of bar. Fringe cut top of hat.

8. Cut a slim piece of fleece and use it to tie the fringe to form the top of he hat. Use a piece of tape to secure hat to bar.

9. Cut another piece of fleece to use as a scarf. Secure with tape.

I got these cute bags at Walmart of $0.50 that already had the gift tags with them. My total cost, including the gift bag, was $2.35!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, these snowmen candy bars are so cute, and so yummy! I'd like to add this to my list of Christmas craft ideas to do while waiting for Santa's visit :)