Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Pictures: Too Expensive!!

Last night we took the girls to the mall to run off some energy. (We have a mall here that gets no business. Mileage wise it's in between 2 very popular malls)They have a small indoor playground and with the cold and rain we needed to get the girls out of the house!! Anyway, we walked down the mall to see Santa. He was there and pictures were offered. I was going to get their pictures taken because Jaiden actually went up to him. Last year and the year before, she screamed and cried when she saw him. I saw the prices and about passed out!! It was $20 for a picture!! Your choice was a 5x7 or 4 wallets for $20. And, that was the cheapest price!! For around $50, you can get the picture put on a disc to upload on your computer.

I asked Ryan, "What happened to the $5 Polaroids???" Wow!! Has Santa pictures really went up that much?? What's the price in your area??

(Pictured is Santa, AKA Ryan's uncle Pat, 2007)

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Anonymous said...

We went today & the smallest pkg was $25 (for 2 pics & a keychain)+$11 for the cd.

We recently went to Wal Mart & had them made for free :)

Santa's too expensive!