Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Gifts & Projects

With 19 days left, I have been working my butt off trying to get presents finished. My sewing machine is usually "petal to the metal" until Chrsitmas Eve!

My family looks at my blog so I cannot post a lot of my presents that I am working on! I post them after Christmas this year. Until then, here are some more great links for decorations, gifts, and ideas!

121 Gift Sayings Neat sayings on how to give lots of gifts under $5.00

24 Quick, Easy, & Cheap Gift Ideas Nice ways to give those gifts under $5.00; complete with sayings

Mom's Shop-a-Thon Buy handmade assorted crafts made by moms

Black Apple Doll Pretty fabric doll

Shrinky Dinks Ring Really neat rings made out of shrinky dinks.

Snowman Paint Brush Cute decoration made from a paint brush

Peppermint Pebbles Tree Cute and stylish Christmas made with pebbles

Bottle Cap Charms Make really neat charms out of old metal bottle caps

Neat Gift Baskets Note: These baskets are for purchase but, you can get some really neat ideas!


HDMac said...

Great ideas! Thank you! :) :)

craftymug said...

Thank you for all the good ideas! I especially like the peppermint pebble tree. I've never seen one of those. I may have to try one if I find the time.