Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Procrastination Challenge; Check!!!

YEA!!!!!! I finished Arya's room and completed my Procrastination project for November!!! I just cannot believe I let that much junk pile up in her room!!! If I sell everything at my garage sale that we carried out, I'll be a millionaire!! I think the junk included the following items, over 12 bags of clothes, microwave, microwave table, 2 rocking chairs, fan, broken heater, computer table, incomplete board games, and tons of baby items!!

Here are some pictures of my before: (Now to be quite honest, these are not the before pictures. These are what I am calling the before but they are actually in "middle". I was too embarrassed to post actual before pictures!!)

And of course, the after! It actually looks like a little girl's room now!

I don't know if I stated this before, the whole point of this project was to get my Christmas tree put up! I had to move the toys out of the corner of my TV room. To do that I had to carry the toys to Arya's room. But before I did that I needed to get the junk out. After the junk was out, I realized that this was a perfect time to paint the room from where we put new windows in last summer.

So do I have my tree up? Nope!! If has been so cold and rainy that Ryan hasn't gone to the cellar to get it. Plus we have had tons of Christmas crafts to do. Since I have the corner cleaned out, the girls have taken it over as a "pillow palace"! The tree is going to go up either tonight or tomorrow!

Also, be sure to check out My Personal Organizer for up coming procrastination challenges!

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Debbie Jordan Kravitz (Virtually Organized) said...

Congratulations on finishing your Procrastination Challenge project! And congratulations on WINNING the challenge, too! Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll have Rubbermaid send out your prize pack.

Your after pics look GREAT! Way to go!