Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nativity & Wagon Ride

Sunday night we took the girls to a local funeral home, of all places, to see the nativity. Jaiden loves to take sweet potatoes to feed the sheep and the donkeys (or mules??). We found out that on certain nights they offer free wagon rides!! The girls had such a fun time!! Arya wasn't sure about the animals. She just stared at them and screamed if they came near her.

One of the donkeys bit Ryan's hand. He thought Ryan had a sweet potato and was going for it! Otherwise, they all were very friendly animals!

We pass the nativity on the way to my grandmother's house so we have to stop there at least twice a week until they take it down.


craftymug said...

How nice for the kids to have a real live nativity!!
Thanks for stopping by.
As for the crocheting, my daughter is left handed and does better than I ever did. The only difference I see is the needle and thread goes in opposite hands from right handed. The needle would go in your working hand which in your case would be your left hand. Good luck if you decide to try.

Crafty Sue said...

Live Nativity!
That's very nice.
I took part in last year's Christmas live Nativity here in our town, my daughter and husband took part in it too. We were just plain country folk, but it was a very nice experience.

Ginger said...

Awesome a real nativity love it looks so great and kids will never forget about the birth of Jesus love it!!!