Monday, January 5, 2009

Doll Cupcake

Isn't this the cutest cupcake??? I bought this for Jaiden at the grocery last week for $2. I have seen the Barbie cakes but never a cupcake before. This cupcake was big enough for all four of us! My only disappointment about the cupcake was the doll. She wasn't a complete doll, just a cake pick. Jaiden was a little upset when she wasn't allowed to have the doll. It was my fault, but I never thought she wasn't a real doll.

I thought these would be cute to make for a birthday party. Each child could have their very own cupcake with a little doll. I think you can find the dolls at Oriental Trading.

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Leola said...

This is wonderful. I've made the barbie cake years ago for my daughters, but this sheds a whole new light on it. I can see the possibilities for my granddaughters. Thanks for the great share! LeeW (southshoreartist)