Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keeping Busy

Wow! I have been so busy this past week!!! I have been making cakes and trying to decide what to do about buying this bakery. I finally came to a decision: not to buy the bakery. I found out that the price did not cover the building, it is leased, it only covered the equipment. There was a lot of equipment there that I would not need. I have decided to look into a home dessertery. I have been spending a lot of my time researching the steps needed to take. If all goes well, I will be able to start this spring. I will give more details about this when I am able to.

Anyway, last Friday it was soooo cold here. It doesn't get this cold in Cincinnati!! We are not used to that weather!!! I know that's not the greatest of pictures but, it was 1*F (-17*C)and -23*F (-30*C)with the wind chill at 11 in the afternoon!! I did have to go out but, thankfully, not for long. Jaiden's school was cancelled due to the extreme temperature.

Then today, Arya climbed on top of the kitchen table, got a black marker, and decided to give herself tribal tattoos. As soon as I caught her, she ran to the wet wipes to clean herself off. Hopefully, the marker will be off by Easter. (Actually, most came off tonight in the bath.) I am just thankful that she just took off her night clothes. This all happened while I was getting her something to wear.

I hope to have some time this week to work on some new posts. I just have been putting all my "free" time into research for my dessertery.


Crafty Sue said...

Hi Amber,
Now that's brrrrr.... very, very cold...freezing!
I think you have a budding body artist in Arya LOL!

Melanie said...


I just saw the pic of the screen! I live here in Cincinnati too....over in Harrison (west of Colerain!!)

Small world!!

Amber said...

I know where Harrison is! My sister's husband graduated from Harrison. Every year, I have a booth at the Minges Pumpkin Festival! I live in Hamilton. It is a small world!!

What do you think of the snow that we weren't supposed to get today???

jacker said...

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