Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

We finally got a significant amount of snow!!! It started Monday night at 12 A.M. and ended about 5 yesterday evening. After the snow, we had an ice storm. That started about 5 yesterday evening and continued to 7 this morning. We had a total of 4 1/2" with 1/2" of ice on top. At 8 this morning, it started to snow again. We are expecting another 4-6" with snow coming down 2" a hour at times!! This is a lot for snow for this area! There is no one on the roads. It is so quiet outside. Ryan had to go to work and it took him 20 minutes for a 3 minute drive.

This is Ryan playing with his Christmas present last night; a snow blower

The next two are the girls playing last night

This is the snow piled up on the edge of the bed of our truck

The girls bundled up playing. It took 15 minutes to get them ready to go play.

It is kinda hard to see in this picture, but the snow is sparkling like it does in the movies.

Daisy "playing".

This is the snow coming down last night.

This picture was taken at midnight Monday night. Look how bright the snow made the area.

The next two are from this morning. The snow is weighing the branches down to the sidewalk. I am not tall enough to reach the branches when they are upright!

Just a pretty picture of the ice on our tree.


Janet, said...

We've been getting a lot of snow, too. How I remember the days when I would have to get the kids all dressed up to go out in the snow to play. It was a job! But I miss it, I just told my husband last night that I wish the kids still liked to make snowmen, with all the snow in the yard I wanted to see a snowman!

Crafty Sue said...

Snow! Beautiful!
So you're having very cold weather now... it's great to see the children having fun in it.
Stay warm!

HDMac said...

Great snow pictures, Amber!! Beautiful!! Stay safe!