Friday, October 31, 2008

Reece Cup Fudge

This is one of my most popular fudge flavors. It tastes just like eating a Reece cup.

Reece Cup Fudge

You'll need:
Base fudge Recipe
12 oz Reece cups or 6 oz. peanut butter and 6 oz. chocolate chips.

1. Make base fudge recipe and substitute chocolate chips for Reece cups.


HDMac said...

You know I am going to have to try all of these now! lol They all sound so good! ;)

krisijo said...

These sound great! This is my favorite candy, so I'm going to have to try it out!!!

Janet, said...

Hi, we love reese's cups. I have a stupid question, but I want to make sure I do it right if I make it. Do you use 12oz of the miniature reese's cups and do you chop them up little before adding them to the mixture?

Amber said...

I just use 12 oz. of the mini reece cups. No, I do not chop them, they melt on their own. I usually just use half chocolate and half peanut butter chips to cut down on the cost.