Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spooky Halloween Specimen Jars

What's more spooky than a snake and skeleton specimen jar? Both super simple and cheap to make. I got my containers from the Thrift Store. My snake is the "grow your own" where you add water and watch it grow. The skeleton also came from the dollar store and it was called skeleton garland. There were about 6 skeletons for a dollar. They would look really neat with a label with creepy sayings on them.


Ginger said...

Great jars and I loved this blog so many goodies on it!
Wanted to thank you amber for stopping by with such nice words.I'll be back my friend,Gotta post .Have a great day!
hugs ginger

Leola said...

Wow, these are very clever. I love your blog. Love browsing. LeeW (Southshoreartist)

Anonymous said...

Spooky idea. Now I have to go shop for own speciman jars. In fact, I think I'll take one (some) to my daughter as a house warming gift.