Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Tea Time

About 2 weeks ago, Jaiden came downstairs and asked for a juice and snack to take back up to her room for herself and Arya. Some time had passed and I went up to check on them. They were sitting at her table eating. I noticed that there was a sheet over Jaiden's table. I asked Jaiden what the sheet was for. She gave me the "duh mommy" look and said, "It's a tablecloth mommy!" I thought that was so cute!!

Well, her birthday is this Tuesday and I told Ryan I wanted to make her a tablecloth and place settings for her. I ended up making a tablecloth, place mats, and matching napkins. The tea set is from Discovery Toys that her grandmother bought about 2 yeas ago that we put up (she was a little too young for it).

I got it finished today and wanted to take a picture while she was gone to her mama's house. I cannot wait until she sees it next week!!

It was really easy to make! Her table measured 24" so I cut a piece of broadcloth 44". I then made Strawberry Shortcake bias tape to go around the edges. For the place mats, I cut Strawberry Shortcake material to 6"x8" rectangles. I sewed a piece of fleece interfacing on the back and top stitched the edges. The napkins were a 5"x5" piece of broadcloth with Strawberry Shortcake bias around the edges. The total coast was about $5.50. Not bad to put a smile on Jaiden's face!


Crafty Sue said...

WOW ! That's the prettiest tablecloth and napkin set I have ever seen.
I am sure Jaiden will love it. She's a very lucky little girl to have such a creative and loving mum.
Well done Amber!

Doreen said...

I love it, you did such a fine job, that's a beautiful set there...I am sure Jaiden is so happy and proud to have a Mum like you : )
Well done!