Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

This started out to show everyone where you could print out placemats at Butterball. Since I was last there, about 2 weeks ago, their site has been changed. I cannot find the placemats. I still wanted to share this with you anyway. I printed out the placemat and Jaiden colored it. I then protected it with contact paper on both sides. It makes a cute personalized place setting for Thanksgiving.

With me not being able to find the original placemat, I searched around for different placemats to share. I found a ton of different activities, coloring pages, and crafts. All are very kid friendly so be sure to check out these different links!

Coloring Book Shop - Placemats & coloring

Enchanted Learning - Tons of educational activities & coloring

Kaboose - Crafts

Fun School - Coloring Pages

Papa Jan - Coloring Pages

DLTK - Crafts

Coloring Book Fun - Coloring Pages

Family Fun - Crafts

Family Corner - Crafts

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