Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Themed Gifts to Give

Themed gifts aren’t just limited to items in baskets. They can be put into anything. Even a simple clear, plastic bag with pretty curling ribbon makes a nice gift. I have compiled some gifts that I have given or received in the past to share with you. I have themed gifts for all ages. And, I like to receive and give practical gifts; which will show in some of my ideas!

1. Rise and Shine: Pancake mix, syrup, pancake turner (spatula), wooden spoon, and a nice kitchen towel. These can be placed in a pretty mixing bowl.

2. A Taste of Your Home: Gather items that your area is “famous” for and ship them to out of state relatives. For ex: I am from Cincinnati so I would send Friches tarter sauce, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce, Grippos potato chips, LaRosa’s spaghetti sauce, and Gold Star chili.

3. Game Night: Monopoly board game, 1000 Grand candy bars (going with the “rich” theme), popcorn, and soda. Would look cute in a top hat found on clearance after Halloween.

4. Cookie Surprise: Sugar cookie mix, sprinkles, and wooden spoon. Place all inside of an oven mitt.

5. BBQ Heaven: Tons of different BBQ sauces, rubs, and marinades.

6. Game Day Delight: Beef Jerky, tons of snacks, and soda.

7. Here Little Piggy: Charlotte’s Web DVD, stuffed pig, pajamas w/ pigs, rubber spider.

8. You’re a Princess: Crown, high heels, boa, lip gloss, nail polish, and a wand. A Disney princess movie would also be a nice touch to complete the gift.

9. Sewing Lover’s: Thread, scissors, seam rippers, and fat quarters of material. As a note: Wal-Mart has thread 4/$0.88 and I use it all of the time. They also have $0.88 scissors that I have found to be better than my more expensive ones.

10.Car Wash Kit: Sponge, soap, wax, dashboard wipes and Windex. Place them all in a bucket.

11. Little Readers: Library card or new books, bookmarks, and a new case for their glasses.

12. Avid Readers: Gift certificate to bookstore or books (if you know what they haven’t read and like) nice bookmark, hot chocolate or hot tea mixes.

13. Laundress Paradise: Laundry soap, bleach, Tide pens, stain remover, dryer sheets, and fabric softener all inside a new laundry basket.

14. A Clean House: Mr. Clean erasers, furniture polish, Swifter duster, Windex, floor cleaners, dish soap, dish towels, dish cloths, Mean Green cleaner, toilet cleaner, bath tub/shower cleaners, green scrubby pads, SOS pads, and air fresheners.

15. A Clean Body (Kids): Bubble bath, bath crayons, bath sponge, BATH TOWEL, shampoo, and a rinse cup (not sure what they’re called but they let you rinse the shampoo out without getting water in the eyes.)

16. A Clean Body (Adults): Men: Bath sponge, shaving cream, aftershave, razors/razor heads, body wash, shampoo and muscle soak.
Women: Bath sponge, bubble bath, body wash, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, and candle.

17. A Romantic Dinner: Box of spaghetti, jar of spaghetti sauce (can buy store bought and resealed in mason jar with a canner), candles with holders, salad dressing, and a “coupon” for babysitting.

18. Do It Yourselfer’s: Electrical tape, duct tape, clean up rags, WD-40, good hand cleaner, gloves, hardware store gift card placed inside a new tool box. For added humor, Band-Aids, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and a list of professional repairmen’s phone numbers.

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Great ideas! Thanks, Amber!