Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

This is a list of items to help you with ideas to stuff those Christmas stockings. Most ideas can be found at the dollar store while the others can be found at Walmart. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a nice stocking for the special people on your list!

1. razors
2. aftershave
3. shampoo
4. body wash
5. shaving cream
6. deodorant
7. eye glass repair kit
8. contact solution
9 contact case
10. nail clippers
11. hair bands
12. lotion
13. dvd
14. cd
15. precision tool kit
16. electrical tape
17. duct tape
18. bungee cords
19. Vaseline bath beads
20. candle

1. hot wheels
2. lip gloss
3. nail polish
4. compact mirror
5. stickers
6. crayons
7. magnets
8. grow your own creatures
9. bubble bath
10. bath crayons
11. animal bath sponge
12. tooth brush
13. tooth paste
14. animal crackers
15. gold fish crackers
16. raisins
17. individual serving cereal boxes
18. playing cards (old maid, go fish, etc..)
19. hair bands
20. rubber fishing worms


HDMac said...

You've been TAGGED! Now you need to write 7 random things about yourself and tag seven more people! :)

Anonymous said...

Great lsists. The adult one will definitely be used when picking up items for my 2 adult children.

The child's list is going with me to the store today to buy things for my shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. Thanks for making my shopping expereince easier!!