Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crafts for Boys

I had such a hard time trying to come up with some crafts for boys that I could sell at my shows.

Ryan said he remembered having a rubber band gun when he was growing up. We used that idea and went with the name rubber band launcher to take away any reference to a gun. We also tried our best not to make it resemble a gun in any way. Times have changed!

Last night Ryan and I went to Walmart and the dollar store looking for ideas. These crafts are what we came up with. The first is a light up car necklace. Next is a bouncing ball necklace. And last, a rubber band launcher.

I do have to thank my handsome model "Brownie". Brownie is Jaiden's stuffed dog and he was the only male in the house at this time. He did such a great job staying still while I took his picture.

Car Necklace:
1 light up car - Found at Deals Dollar Store 2/$1.00
Satin cord

1. Drill hole in car. Make sure to drill through the hood to avoid circuit board in car.
2. Thread center of cord in hole.
3. Tie in knot around car. Tie other end of cord to close necklace.
All Finished

Ball Necklace:
Bouncy Ball - Walmart Party Grab Bag Section 12/$2.47
Satin Cord
Pony Beads

Use dremel to drill hole through ball. Insert cord in ball and add pony beads.

Rubber Band Launcher:
7/8 Dowel Rod
Mini Clothes Pin
E 600 Glue
Rubber Bands

Cut dowel into 12" piece. Using stretched rubber band measure where to put the clothes pin. Glue in place. We used a clamp to hold it overnight. To use: Insert rubber band into clothes pin first. Stretch band over tip of dowel. To launch band: Press clothes pin.


Maranda Marie Burke said...

Thanks for the post. The dog just chewed my sons rubber band gun to pieces, I we are going to try and make the rubber band launcher:)

HDMac said...

Very clever!!! :)