Friday, September 26, 2008

For the Love of a Child

This is the second book by Betty Mahmoody, author of "Not Without my Daughter". For the Love picks up after Betty arrives back in America. It tells of her re-acclimation to American society after living in Iran for 2 years. I do have to admit that this book isn't nearly as good as the first but, it does lay to rest several issues not resolved in last one. The book goes on to tell of others who were in the same situation that Betty endured in Iran. She calls these parents "left behind parents". I skipped over several of the others' stories. Not that I am not sympathetic to their stories, I just wanted more of Betty's.

For the Love tells how she came about writing Not Without and the movie deal for her story. The book also tells of all the interviews she did once her story got out and the famous people she met.

Betty does describe why she doesn't hide and did not go into the witness protection program. She says she never lets her guard down that Moody might find her and live up to his promise. The book also has a small section about Moody's reaction to her escaping from his prison.

I cried several times reading this just having to imagine what I would do if my husband stole my daughters and left me with no contact. There was one part where a dress is talked about where it was purchased(I can't give it away, you know if you read it)that I laughed so hard!

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