Sunday, September 7, 2008

Procrastination Challenge # 3

I bought this desk at Goodwill August 6th for $12.00. I started painting it but quit because I was tired of working on it. Well, I put it on my list to do today and got it finished!! I LOVE it!! It doesn't even look like the same desk! It cost me a total of $18.00 for the overhaul. The handles were $13.00 and the spray paint was $5.00. Now I have a beautiful new sewing table that will be put to lots of use!

It was a lot of work to get this desk re-done. I had to sand off the old finish and repaint it and then polyurethane it. For the drawers I had to fill in the old handle holes, sand them, and then drill new ones but, well worth my time!!

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HDMac said...

Amber that looks fantastic! You have such good vision! What a great sewing table that will make for you!!!!!

Debbie Jordan Kravitz said...

Congrats, Amber! Beautiful desk!

craftymug said...

You turned that desk into a beautiful piece of furniture! Awesome job!

Gifts That Say Wow said...

How beautiful...and the pride you must feel each time you look at it. Way to go, Amber!!

Jill Scott said...

What a great project that you'll enjoy for many years.