Monday, September 22, 2008

Coffee Cup Christmas Card Holder

I saw these before Christmas last year and thought they would be too cute to make. These can be used for pretty Christmas cards, photos, "special" artwork, or recipes. These are inexpensive to make, the plaster will be the biggest cost. I got my mugs at the Thrift Store for less than $0.29. If a mug has stains on the inside, just fill the cup with plaster to hide them.

You'll need:
16 gauge floral wire (3 for each cup)
coffee cup
plaster of Paris
old plastic bowl
wooden stir stick

1. Bend one end of each wire into a swirl design.

2. Bend the other end of each wire into a a "messy" circle shape. This is done to give the plaster a little more to "cling" to instead of just the thin wire.

3. Place two of the wires inside the cup. These will be the side wires.

4. Mix your plaster according to the directions. Pour into cup. I just mixed enough to cover the curled part of the wire stem.

5. After about a minute place the center wire into the cup. You might have to hold this for a few seconds.

6. If needed, add more plaster to the cup to get to desired level. I went a little less than way up. Any plaster splatters can be wiped of with a wet paper towel. Any plaster on the wire will come off with a little scraping.

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Ida said...

I love this craft idea. I will make one to display our family photos for all our holiday visitors to see.