Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blast from the Past Fall Crafts

My mom cleaned out the garage and found these crafts that I did when I was younger. These are what was left over from a craft show. Some are in really bad condition but considering how old they are, they look fairly well.

This a a witch pencil topper made from 2 green pom poms, wiggle eyes, felt hat, and a red pony bead from the mouth.

A Turkey pencil topper made from a brown pom pom, wiggle eyes, bumpy pipe cleaner, and feathers.

Next is a pumpkin ring. It is made with a orange pom pom, orange pipe cleaner, green pipe cleaner, wiggle eyes, and a black piece of rick rac.

And finally, a turkey candle holder. He is made using a brown macrame bead, wiggle eyes, bumpy pipe cleaner, and feathers.

It was fun going through these old crafts again! I think I might make some of the pumpkin rings for my next show. Jaiden wanted them but they are not in the best condition for her to play with.

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