Monday, September 29, 2008

Burp Cloths

These are a very easy and inexpensive gift for any new mother or yourself. You can make them in sets of four and tie with a pretty ribbon or just make one. You could even match the fabric to the holiday (ie. Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas).

To make these your need:
Gerber pre-fold diapers - sold at Walmart in 12 pack for $12.00
Cute flannel material

1. Throw fabric and diapers in washing machine. Set to hot wash and let machine run cycle. (I did not use detergent do to the sensitivity of baby skin.)Throw in dryer and let completely dry. Iron all material flat. ****These diapers tend to shrink in the wash. By washing them in hot water, it should take care of the problem of future shrinkage.****

2. You now need to decide how wide to make your strip. I decided to have the strip run in between the two inner lines on the diaper. So, I cut my flannel strip 4.5" x 18.5".

3. Now, you can either iron under the edges of the strip so you have clean edges or you can fold under the edges as you sew. I hate to iron so I folded as I sewed.

4. All finished.

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HDMac said...

These are really nice. I have made a couple dozen for my new grandbabies and the moms really love them. :)