Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Crispy Pops

There are several different recipes on the web for chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick. This is the one I liked the best and of course cannot find the original site where these were listed. They used regular chocolate but my family prefers white chocolate so I used it instead.

You'll need:
Rice crispy treats - I used store bought
lollipop stick
sprinkles - found at Walmart
wax paper

1. Melt chocolate using your preferred method. I like using the stove but I know some like the microwave.

2. Insert stick into treat a little less than half way.

3. Dip into chocolate.

4. Place on wax paper and add sprinkles.

5. Allow to harden and remove from paper.


Anonymous said...

mmmm...I might use this idea for our scouts!!!


HDMac said...

I like to send my grandkids treats in the mail and this is a perfect one! Thanks for the idea!!!!