Saturday, September 6, 2008

Halloween Treat Cups

I went to the Dollar Tree last night to get some supplies for another craft and saw they already had their Halloween stuff out. I saw these cups and thought it had some cute possibilities. I grabbed one and went walking through the store seeing what I could find to do with it. The items just started jumping out at me.

I made these treat cups for about $1.30 (not including candy)using all Dollar Tree supplies. At such a low cost they would make really cute, oops I mean scary, treats for any Halloween party!

For each cup you'll need:
8 oz. martini glass (plastic)
2 gummy rats
2 skeleton rings
1 skeleton hand
wiggle eyes, assorted sizes
E 600 glue

1. Glue hand to bottom of glass.
2. Cut ring part off skeleton and glue to glass stem.
3. Glue wiggle eyes on glass.
4. Lightly press gummy rats into place.
5. Fill with candy.

These probably would be look nicer if put in a treat bag with a orange or black ribbon on the top. (Of course, I thought of that as I am typing)


Gifts That Say Wow said...

Amber, that is soooo cute, uuh scarey. The rat is sure to get some ooo's and yucks....

HDMac said...

Amber, you are just so crafty! :)

I finished up my desk today! YAY! Now on to the next project .. and I have to get crafty here again pretty soon, too! :)