Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A.P.B "Gluey"

Official Police Report, "Missing: A.P.B. issued on one glue gun AKA "Gluey". Gluey is 20 years old, black with a red handle, and has a metal tip that is scorched from many years of use. Gluey was last seen among Amber's craft supplies which means he might never be found.

Gluey may be armed (with glue stick) and should be considered dangerous. Gluey is NOT a low temp gun therefore, has been known to cause burns, welts, and the occasional bad word from owner.

If seen, please contact Amber. She has a really neat Halloween craft that she wants to share with everyone on her blog but is impossible without Gluey."

UPDATE: At 14:00 the following photo was released from the crime scene.
The search still continues with no new leads.....

UPDATE: At 16:10 Gluey's car was found wrecked into a tree. Glue sticks were everywhere and there was even evidence of melted glue on the steering wheel.
Gluey was not found at the scene. Investigators have one more location to search. If that location proves be dead, the search will be abandoned....

UPDATE: At 22:45 I am happy to report that Gluey has been found. He ran off to get married to "Wilma Wood Glue" and was found in the bottom of a tote of blankets.

How he got there I may never know. When you have a 3 year old and a 16 month old many things in life remain a mystery!


Amanda said...

LOL! I hope you find your glue gun soon. I lost mine once for about a week and it was devastating! I had to use my back up glue gun and it stunk :(

Jill Scott said...

Cute. I like your sense of humor. :)

Crafty Sue said...

Amber, that's such a cute way of saying you lost your glue gun.
Great sense of humor!