Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wahcloth Lollipops

These lollipops are very easy to make and take very little time. They look great on a baby shower gift in place of a bow. The instructions given are to make 1 lollipop.

You'll need:
1 baby washcloth
1 plastic baby spoon
thin glue dots (scrapbook aisle at Walmart)
thin ribbon
3"x4" treat bag

1. Fold two corners of washcloth to meet in the middle.

2. Fold edges to meet in middle.

3. Fold in half.

4. Roll up washcloth. Be sure not to roll too tight. Put a glue dot to secure end of washcloth.

5. Put glue dot on back of washcloth and press onto bowl part of spoon.

6. Put lollipop into bag and tie with a bow.

1 comment:

Daisydaze said...

These are really cute; thank you for sharing the picture and the instructions.