Monday, February 16, 2009

Easy Slippers

I don't think you can make slippers easier than this!!

You'll need:
2 pair (4) shoe insole inserts
1/4 yd flannel fabric
fabric glue
hot glue gun
E-600 glue
spring clothes pins

1. Cut all 4 insoles to desired size. (All 4 are the same size, photo angle throws off the size)

2. Lay fabric wrong side up. Place insert wrong side up on top of fabric. Cut around insole, but be sure to leave enough fabric to glue around the back.

3. Using fabric glue, glue insert to fabric. Allow to dry a few moments. Now, using hot glue, glue the edges to the back of the insole. Trim corners where necessary.

4. To make the the strap: Cut 2 pieces of fabric 5 1/4" x "length". To determine length, measure around foot, allowing an overlapping, and add 1". Most lengths will be about 9 1/2". I have a very wide foot and my length was 11 1/2".

5. With right sides together, sew piece into a tube. Be sure to leave one short end open for turning. (This could be done with fabric glue) Turn right side out and press. Top stitch both straps (this will close the opening)

6. Lay the strap underneath the slipper. For the right foot, position the slipper 3" from the right side of the strap. Do the opposite for the left foot. The 3" part will be the under part of the strap. Hot glue strap to slipper.

7. Using E-600 glue, glue the other insert to the bottom of the slipper. This will hide all of the under turned edges and give more cushion to the slipper. Use several clothespins to hold the layers tightly together. Let dry about a hour before removing pins.

8. Attach Velcro to the straps of each slipper. Or, you could hand sew the strap ends shut.


Crafty Sue said...

WOW !!!
That's neat!
Great Job Amber!


Craftzilla said...

These are awesome! I think my favorite picture in the tutorial is the one with all the clothes pins.