Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Soft Pretzel

Okay, so this felt food is a little addicting!! I can't stop!! This is a soft pretzel like you get at a fair. If don't have a little one, like me, that still puts everything in her mouth, you can add salt to the pretzel. For the look of salt, just take thread and some white, long tubular beads and sew on in spots where you'd find salt.

The pretzel is easy to make, but seems to be the most time consuming so far.


3"x25" strip of light brown felt (you'll have to buy it off the bolt)
poly stuffing
Extras: needle for hand sewing and dowel rod or wire clothes hanger

Sew the felt making a long tube. Using a dowel rod, begin pushing stiffing into tube. As you stuff, make sure the seam is in the middle back.

Using a gathering stitch, close both ends of tube. Shape in form of a pretzel. Using an overcasting stitch, sew ends to pretzel. You might want to use straight pins to hold the shape while you sew.


Crafty Sue said...

This is fun!
Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

me said...
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