Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Treat Bags

This is what I made for Jaiden to give to her classmates for Valentine treats. Jaiden loved them and I think they turned out so cute!!

I got the bags at Walmart in the stationary department. If you didn't know, they have the decorated lunch sacks there that change with every occasion for $0.20 a piece. I used a hole punch and put 2 holes in the top of the folded bag. I then threaded a ribbon through the holes and tied it in a knot.

Inside the bag I put a heart brownie and two fortune cookies.

To make the heart brownies, just bake brownies as usual. When cool, cut out with a deep, heart shaped cookie cutter and remove from pan. I got 5 brownies out of a 9x13 pan.


I just kept it simple. I figure kids will get enough candy and sweets without me adding to it!

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