Friday, February 6, 2009

Review of Dollar Tree Products

I have been shopping at the Dollar Tree and thought I would put two products to the test. First off is the cookie spatula. LOVE this!!! No more scrunched up cookies! I hate it when I remove cookies from the pan with a regular spatula and my cookies look like they are all scrunched up. This worked great! The cookies came right off the spatula and did not stick to it at all!! I give this a 10 out of 10!!!

Next is a set of two disposable cookie sheets. They have guides so you will know how to properly space your cookies. I sprayed the sheet the first time with non-stick spray and they slid right off.
Likes: No pans to wash after cookies are baked, grid makes cookies evenly spaced so they don't create one large cookie (speaking from experience here), and cookies are removed easily. Dislikes: Pans are so flimsy. They bend at the slightest touch. Getting the pans into and out of the oven are a challenge. I give this pan 7 out of 10.(The higher rating comes from my hatred of washing dishes!)

I did put this pan to the test further; I baked one batch of cookies using my more expensive baking sheet.

Here are the results: The front and back cookies of the left of your screen was cooked on baking sheet "A" and the cookies on the right with baking sheet "B". Can you tell which is which??

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Crafty Sue said...

I like your way of testing products.
Your cookies look so tempting!
Could you share the recipe?
Is it one of your SECRET recipies?
If so I understand.