Monday, February 16, 2009

Look What $4 Got Me Today!!!

In honor of President's Day, our local Thrift Store half a half off sale. This was one of my favorite purchases of the day!!! It is a Domestic sewing machine. It comes complete with instruction manual, guarantee card, bobbins, button hole maker, and all of the presser feet!!!! I cannot believe I got all of this for $4!!!!

I am going to do some research of the date and the company that made the machine. I have never heard of Domestic brand before. The booklet said it was out of Cleveland, Ohio.

I am adding this machine to my collection of sewing machines. I will have to round them all up and take a picture. My favorite is my White non-electric treadle machine in perfect condition. The date of my White sewing machine is 1919. It is beautiful!!! I got that for a steal also!!!

Ryan is going to take this machine to work and test it on their "tester" outlet so I will not blow the house up by plugging it in! I will let veryone know if it works or not.


Crafty Sue said...

I love those old sewing machines , wow! You must have alot of space in the house to have a collection... I hope you will share some pictures of your collection very soon.

Amber said...

No actually, I don't have the room, but I keep buying them!!! I have several stored down at my grandmother's house. Our "plan" is to move into a bigger and nicer house in a few years. Hopefully, I will have the room then in my "sewing studio".

I love to sew and I cannot pass up a good price on an older machine!