Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is the latest edition in the felt foods for the girls. Now they can have s'mores anytime!

You can even take the pretend play up a notch by making a Campfire for the whole experience.

To make the s'mores you'll need:
tan felt
brown felt
white felt
fleece or cotton batting

1. Make 4 squares with the tan felt. Place a piece of fleece between each square and sew two squares together. Sew a line down the middle to give the illusion of 2 crackers.
2. Cut 2 squares with the brown felt. Sew together with a piece of fleece in the middle. Stitch down the middle and turn and stitch 3 of 4 lines to create the seprate pieces of chocolate.
3. For marshmallow, cut a wave circle shape. You could cut 2 and put a piece of fleece in the middle for a puffy marshmallow.

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