Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pee Pee Tepee

This is one of the gifts I made my sister for her baby shower on Sunday. They are called Pee Pee Tepees. They are used to prevent a little boy from peeing on you when his diaper is changed! Pee Pee Tepees are easy to make and super fun to say!!

Supplies Needed:
Flannel material - Inside and Outside material (1/2 yd. of each makes 24 tepees)
6" (about 1/2" wide)grosgrain ribbon for each tepee
Perfect circle for tracing - I used a dessert plate

1. Using circle, trace onto flannel. Cut out one circle from each fabric for each tepee.

2.Put inside material and outside material right sides together. Find the center line and cut in half. (one circle makes 2 tepees)

3. Stitch half circles together, leaving a place for turning on straight edge. Turn right side out and iron flat.

4. Fold in half right sides together. Tuck ribbon loop inside and stitch along straight edge.

5. Turn right side out.

Update: As I have made more of these, I have found an easier way. Do not cut the circle in half, sew around entire circle. Then, cut circle in half. Continue to step 4.

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Sew Wilde said...

What a clever idea!