Friday, February 13, 2009

Grocery Bag Totes

If you are tired of plastic grocery bags, this is a great project! It is a simple, straight stitch sewing bag that would be good for beginners. And, best of all, it is made from re-purposed pillow cases or sheets!

You'll need:
sheet or pillow case for outside and inside.

1. Cut a 34x20 rectangle for both outer and inner bag. Fold in half so you have a 17x20 rectangle. Following the pattern, cut a 2 1/2 square from the bottom left and bottom right. (You can double click on picture to enlarge) There is really no need to make the pattern unless it makes you more comfortable!

2. With right sides together, sew side seams of both bags.

3. At the bottom corners, open the bag. Lay flat and match front and back. Sew together. Go back and stitch again for added strength. Turn bag right side out. Do this to the outer bag and inner bag.

4. To make handles, cut 4 strips 3.5x28. With right sides together, sew together to form 2 handles. Turn right side out and iron flat. Top stitch both sides of each handle.

5. Pin handles to the outer bag 4" from each side, leaving about 1" of an overhang. Sew and reinforce with a zig zag stitch for added strength.

6. Place inner bag, inside out, over outer bag that is right side out. Match side seams and sew a presser foot distance from top of bag (approx 5/8") Be sure to leave an opening for turning.

7. Turn bag right side out. Stuff lining into bag. Iron top seam flat. Top stitch bag.

The original directions to this bag can be found here: Sheets into Totes I changed some of the dimensions and seam allowances from the original directions to make it flow better for me.

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sewtakeahike said...

I love carrying a tote in my handbag, you just never know when you'll need it! This is a great tut!