Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hooded Towel

I love using the hooded towels for the girls. The baby towels are too small and the other towels have an opening in the front that won't stay closed. I thought why not make one that looks like a bathing suit cover up. My lovely model was having a "3 year old moment" but her arms can stick out the sides without the towel coming off.

I would have to say that this project is for the more experienced sewer. This hooded towel cost me $8.50 to make using towels from Walmart.

I have included lots of photos (maybe too many) to help me try to explain how to make this.

You'll need:
1 bath towel
2 matching hand towels
Washable marker

1. Make a pattern for a hood. I used construction paper. Cut out pattern. Place pattern on towel and trace with washable marker. I put what will become the sides of my hood on the end of the towel. This way I didn't have to make bias tape b/c the towel has a finished edge. I also chose not to use the end of the towel that had the pattern lines on it, just save it for another project.

2. Cut out hoods. Be sure to flip the pattern the over on the other towel.

3. Sew the hood right sides together at rounded edges

4. Fold your towel in half long ways; matching edges. Find center of towel (side to side) and mark with marker.

5. Take the hood and bring the sides (that would go around the face) to meet in the center at each side of the seam line.

6. Place hood seam line on the center mark on the towel. Measure from seam of hood to the left and mark this on towel. Repeat for other side of seam. Draw a line on the towel connecting these dots. Cut on line.>

7. Pin center hood seam to center of slit in towel. Sew right sides together.

8. At the front of the hood where the slit was can be turned under and stitched or it can be cut into a V shape and stitched.

I hope this is some what clear. I was taking pictures and making this pattern up as I went along. I would probably suggest to sew this towel with a serger. I just did it on my regular machine b/c I was too lazy to hook up my serger. I used a standard needle and thread. Nothing special.


HDMac said...

I like this, Amber! Thank you for the instructions!!! Now I have to get busy!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing.

Leola said...

Wow, what a great idea, and great instructions!!!
southshoreartist (LeeW on voy)

craftymug said...

I love that idea. You are so creative!
Thank you for visiting and the comment! I agree with you, I don't like anything floating in mayo. I use just enough to make it tasy and to keep the pasta from being dry.