Saturday, August 9, 2008

Putting Markers to the Test

Jaiden is starting to like color with markers instead of just crayons. I have seen all of these markers out there claiming to be washable so I decided to put them to the test. I bought a pack of Crayola Washable markers ($2.00 for 8), regular Crayola markers ($0.88 for 10), and Rose Art Washable ($0.60 for 11). I took an old shirt and marked it with each color and each brand. I used a Sharpie to identify each different set because I knew it wouldn't wash off. I read the washing instructions on the back of the box: wash in hot water, no bleach, do not pre-soak. I did just that and used Surf laundry detergent. I think the results speak for themselves:

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WOW! Very interesting!

Thanks for sharing.