Thursday, August 14, 2008

Share the Joy and Pass the Bread

This is one of my latest ideas I have been working on. I am really big into family memories and being able to pass those memories onto my girls. I found a blank recipe book
that I had bought several years earlier and never got around to doing anything with it. My mom is the one who gave me the idea of how it use it when she game me a scrapbook of my grandmother's old recipes.
I am passing this book around to all of the women in my & Ryan's family and asking them to write down all of their favorite recipes in ink on the provided pages. After it goes all around I plan on copying all of the pages and creating a scrapbook with them. (I am going to keep the original for myself.) I thought this would be a great gift to my girls when they get married to have all of these treasured family recipes.
To the family that lives out of state I am going to mail the book to them with a letter explaining what I am trying to do. In the package I am going to include address labels and postage so the book can be passed along without it having to come back to me each time. So far the book has only been to 2 people so this might take awhile but, it will be worth it!


HDMac said...

What a wonderful idea. I think that there is a legacy that is handed down with family recipes. Much of our family time is spent around the dining room table with family and friends and to share the recipes and some memories is such a joy. Share the Joy and Pass the Bread.. .. that also sounds like a great name for a Cookbook!!!!

Crafty Sue said...

I love your idea.
I am sure it will be worth waiting to have it full of recipies.