Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mama's Quilt

Jaiden and I made this quilt for my grandmother this past Christmas. I was really happy the way it turned out. I got the pattern from the book 24-Hour Quilts by Rita Weiss. The name of the quilt is Shades of Blue. All of my fabric came from the $2.00 rack at Walmart along with the batting and the sheet for the back. It cost about $50.00 total to make this queen size quilt. (It probably would have been less but, I only use the 100% cotton batting which is more expensive the the poly blend.)My grandmother loves it and said she wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Marcia said...

What a beautiful quilt!! My, what grandma wouldn't love receiving such a loving and caring gift! This is wonderful for Jaiden too!!! I absolutely love it. You did an excellent job on it!!