Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bath Time Stick Ups

This is an easy project for adults and kids to work on together. Make bath stick ups that will stick and remove easily to your shower tile.

You need:
Assorted scrapbook paper
Assorted large cookie cutters
Contact paper

Trace cookie cutters onto paper and cut out shapes. You can use the inside and outside of the cutter to vary sizes.
Lay a piece of contact paper on the table sticky side up. Place paper shape on top of contact paper. Place another sheet of contact paper over the shape, sticky side down.
Cut contact paper around shape, making sure to leave a space all around the shape so it will have a "good seal"
Lightly wet back of shape and stick to shower tile.

These are not quite as sticky as the ones you can buy but, they are something you and your child made together! And yes, the heart in the picture is stuck to my dryer door. We do not have a shower. We only have a bathtub in this old house.

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