Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jaiden's Garden

Well, what started out as as a fun little idea to do with Jaiden has grew and grew! She told me that she wanted to plant a garden this year to watch plants grow. I was thinking about 4 or 5 little vegetable plants. Was I ever wrong! My grandmother took her shopping and came home with so many plants that the yard had to be tilled up two more times to fit all of her plants. She has tomatoes, banana peppers, habaneros, green peppers, carrots, one lone bean plant, two yellow squash plants, three cabbage, four cucumber, and one watermelon. She gets so excited everyday going out to the garden to look for new vegetables that are ready. We have had so many cucumbers that we've make pickles twice! Jaiden has 3 good size watermelons growing from a single plant. When the tomatoes are ripe, we will have so many I won't know what to do. I guess we'll have plenty of salsa for this winter.
She is standing in front of her tomato plants that probably are a good two feet taller than her. This only shows about a fourth of her garden! We have had so much fun and a lot of hard work but, are definitely going bigger next year!


HDMac said...

Oh my word! Those are big tomato plants!!! She has done a beautiful job!!! Proud momma!!! :)

jaidens grandma said...

What a great gardener you are! Will you give Papaw some of your salsa? He loves salsa! Love ya