Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Your Average Quilt

One day Ryan and I were talking and he said he never remembers having a quilt growing up. Jaiden and I set out to change this. Two years ago, we would pull out the fabric and cutting table while Ryan was at work and cut out fabric until it was time for him to come home. It took us about 3 weeks having to sneak around to sew while making sure it would be a surprise. I was so happy with the results! You just can't find a "guy quilt" anywhere. Ryan really loves it! It was the biggest surprise he got for Christmas that year! Every time someone new comes to our house, he has to show it off. He is so proud of it, and I am too. He says that he loves how they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
All of the fabric I used was from Walmart with most of it being $2.00 or less a yard. And, I used a queen size sheet for the backing for the extra length since Ryan is so tall.


HDMac said...

No, it is not your average quilt. It is fabulous! And don't you just love Walmart's $2. fabric? I am going to hate it when all Walmart's stop selling fabric. I only have one left in the area that does!!!!

Crafty Sue said...

That's a great quilt!
Well done.
I once started out making a baby's quilt but that was years ago when my daughter was a baby, she is 26 years old now and...I never finished it. Quilts are not my stuff unfortunately. I admire all the ladies that have the patience to make all these lovely creations.