Sunday, August 10, 2008

In the Summer of '79

This is a picture of me and my great grandparents, Charlie & Ida, on their farm in 1979. My great grandmother is the inspiration in much that I do. There are two things that I always remember about her, she was either sewing or cooking. When someone visited her house she had to run to the kitchen and fix a meal, not a snack, but a full meal. You were not allowed to leave her house without eating. She never fixed a meal just enough for the people that were there, no, she fixed 3 times that. She cooked for an army! I don't think anyone can say they ever tasted something of hers that was not good. My favorite meal she cooked was chicken and dumplings. I think I could eat my weight in those. I was lucky enough to find her recipe a few years back shoved in a drawer inside an old cookbook at my grandmother's house. No one else can cook dumplings like her!
She always had a pie or cake in the oven also. No matter what time of day or night; there was something in the oven. She was always prepared for company. All of my birthday cakes growing up were made by her. I think my favorite was a checkerboard cake. For my 30th birthday, my mother gathered up all (that she could find) of her recipes and made a scrapbook for me. Unfortunately, the checkerboard cake wasn't to be found.
The other thing I remember about her was her sewing. She had her dining room corner transformed into a sewing corner. As far back as I can remember I always sat on her lap at the sewing machine. Or, we would sit with a needle and thread and sew fabric together. This woman could turn out quilts like no one's business! I still have several of her quilts; some are used while others are put up to preserve them. Many are hand sewn but all are hand quilted.
I get my love for sewing and cooking from her. I am so thankful for the little time I did get to know her. She died right before my 9th birthday on December 25, 1985.


HDMac said...

Such special memories and the legacy that she has passed on to you. I love ready about the family and friends that make a difference in our lives.... That is a specially sweet picture. She is a treasure to you! :)

craftymug said...

It is wonderful to have good memories like that. Your Grandmother was from one of the greatest generations in my opinion.

I'm so glad I found your blog. You are very creative and talented. Thank you so much for adding a link to my blog I'm also adding you to my blog list. Visit me anytime!

Crafty Sue said...

I think the love we have for crafts, sewing and cooking have all been passed on to us by our grandparents, in this case grandmas. My grandma taught me how to crochet and I am thankful she showed me the very first steps to this wonderful craft.
That must be a special picture for you, it is evident that you still treasure loving thoughts of your grandma from the loving way you describe her.