Friday, November 7, 2008

250 Best Desserts

I have fallen in love with this book!! This is a must have for any recipe book collection! There is any kind of cobbler recipe listed that you could ever dream of. For example, Lazy Day Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Nut Cobbler, Quick & Easy Blueberry Cobbler, and Apple Cinnamon Cobbler.

There is a recipe in here for Chocolate Volcano Cupcakes where you bake chocolate cupcakes in a custard cup that have white chocolate in the center. When they are finished baking, you turn them upside down and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. When you cut into them, the white chocolate oozes out like lava.

One of the the other neat things about this book is that the measurements are list in both standard and metric! 179 pages, 205 recipes; could you go wrong??

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