Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magic Christmas Pillowcases

These "magic" pillowcases are to help your little one get to sleep on Christmas Eve while anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. I have seen them for sale on Ebay, ETSY, and other web sites for over $10.00!! They are so easy to make, why pay for them??? I have $2.50 and less than a half hour invested in each one! I am planning to give these to Jaiden's classmates for Christmas. There is no way I could fill nice looking treat bags for $2.50!!

If you can sew a straight stitch, then you can make these!! So very simple!

You'll need:
27"x40" of Christmas or Holiday print
6 ½"x40" strip of coordinating fabric
Thread matching coordinating fabric
card stock

1. With wrong sides together, sew strip to one long end of Christmas fabric.
2. Press seams towards Christmas fabric.

3. Lay fabric wrong side up. Fold down edge of coordinating fabric down to seam line and pin. Iron fold to get a nice crease.

4. On right side of fabric and with matching thread, top stitch where strip and Christmas fabric meet. This will catch the raw edge on the other side, forming the top of the pillowcase.

5. Fold the pillowcase wrong side out matching edges to form the actual pillowcase. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. Go back and stitch again 1/4" away from seam line.

6. Turn right side out and iron flat.

7. Print out poem on card stock. (I used Publisher to make my poem. Any word program will do if you do not have Publisher.)

December is a magical time
With all sorts of colors, ribbons, and rhymes.

Sugarplum fairies will dance in your head,
If you put this special pillowcase on your bed.

The reason is special
As you will see

It's that it has been dusted
With Christmas Fantasy.

Visions of candy canes, Santa and treasures
Will fill each dream with sweetness and pleasures.

When the time comes for it to be washed,
Do it quickly so no magic is lost!

-Author Unknown

I know there are a lot of creative ways to package this together better than how I did!! That is just not my "speciality"!! I am very open to ideas!! If you make some, please share how you packaged them!!


Anonymous said...

GREAT idea!

Janet, said...

I have lots of Christmas material, maybe I'll try this. Thanks for the info.

Leola said...

Wow, what a great idea. I blog tagged you. Come over to mine and take a look. Southshoreartist (LeeW)

Anonymous said...

I've made regular pillowcases, but have never thought to make a Christmas one. Thanks for the idea and directions.