Saturday, November 22, 2008

Indian Corn

I think this is so neat!!! Jaiden's teacher at school made Indian corn to put in their activity table. I think the table is actually called a sand and water table but her class puts all kinds of neat stuff in there. Jaiden's teacher, Mrs. Donner bought big bags of popcorn kernels at GFS (bulk store) and used food coloring to get the different colors. She said she poured the popcorn in 4 different tubs. She used red on one tub, left one tub regular, One tub was red and yellow mixed, and used a mix of green and blue to get the brown like color.

The kids were having such a fun time playing with this yesterday! They love to stick their hands in it and pour it into different containers. She had already switched the table over to Christmas when I came to pick Jaiden up. I wished I could have got a picture of it in the table!!

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