Saturday, November 15, 2008

Santa Ornaments

These have got to be the cutest Santa ornaments I have ever seen!!! A BIG THANKS to "Shaun" at Garden Web Crafts Forum for allowing me to post this on my blog!!!


Hot Glue Gun
Glass Balls
Red Felt
Wiggly Eyes
Red Balls for noses
Craft Boa
wide (12mm) white pipe cleaners
1" white pom poms

Cut felt to resemble a b-day hat. Hot glue edges together and then turn inside out. Looks like a dunce cap.

1. Glue pipe cleaner around base of hat; glue pom pom on tip of hat.

2. Glue Hat to Glass Ball (not too far down)

3. Glue Eyes on Ball

4. Glue Nose on Ball

5. Glue or push glasses (ends of frames) under the hat letting the lenses rest on nose.

6. Bend pipe cleaner into a V shape, glue the V part under nose then bend the ends up over cheeks and glue end to edge of hat. Cut off any extra little piece.

7. Glue boa just at the bottom of the pipe cleaner, going around his face up to the edge of hat.

8. Bend tip of hat over and glue to side.

Add little ornaments to front of cap.

Using ice pick, poke hole into top of hat and push thin ribbon thru then tie a knot. This is so you can hang it.

I think that's it.

Hope I explained it well enough! Good Luck!!

Thanks Again "Shaun"!!! Wouldn't these be such a nice gift at an ornament exchange????


Craftzilla said...

Those are super cute! I want to feature them later on my own site. Great idea, thanks for passing that along!

Ginger said...

Very cute idea! Thank you so much for posting it!