Monday, November 3, 2008

Smores Fudge

Every year I try to come up with a new fudge flavor. This year I decided to try a smores fudge. So straight from my kitchen to yours...

Smores Fudge
You'll need:
Base Fudge Recipe
10 graham crackers
2 handfuls mini marshmallows

1. Freeze marshmallows so they will not melt in the hot fudge.
2. Break graham crackers into small chunks and place in bottom of pan.
3. Make base fudge recipe.
4. Slowly pour fudge over graham crackers in pan.
5. After cooled slightly, place marshmallows over fudge. Press slightly into fudge.

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Gifts That Say Wow said...

Amber, I just posted your fudge recipes on my blog...they all look luscious. Makes my mouth water just to look at them...thanks for all your comments on my blog.