Friday, May 8, 2009

Bath Tea Bags

I recently found out there were such things called bath tea bags. I was on one site which took me to another site, and then before you knew it, I was 10 sites away from where I started. There are several sites out there with bath tea bags for sale and instructions. So I decided to make some.

The purpose of a bath tea bag is to put your soothing bath additives in a bag and then put that in the water, rather than letting the stuff be directly in the water, which ends up going down the drain.

I made mine with oatmeal and lavender and put it a simple draw string bag I made out of muslin. As I was running the bath water, I dipped the bag in the water, like you would do with a regular tea bag. I was not impressed with these. I felt as though I spent my entire bath trying to squeeze the oatmeal out of the bag and into the bath. I even made sure I ran the oatmeal in the food processor to make it into a powder. Next, I tried making the bags out of tulle and the oatmeal just came out. I am not sure of a solution right now, but I still thought I would share in case anyone has a solution! They must work, right? Otherwise there wouldn't be so many people selling them?

Here are two links with instructions and two links where they are being sold. (I have no association with these sellers)
Green Living


HDMac said...

I like this! Thank you!!!!!

Don't you love the way that you look for one thing on the internet and it goes layers and layers deep with all these fantastic ideas!?!!! no wonder I can never remember where everything is! lol....


HDMac said...

Here is a source for bottle caps. LOTS and LOTS of neat ideas out there.