Friday, May 1, 2009

New Outfits

I was at Walmart the other night and saw this pattern and thought I would make a cute outfit for the girls. I used Simplicity #2910 to make the outfits. I have a total of $6.50 invested for 2 complete outfits and that includes the pattern!

Of course, my girls were having a "moment" and refused to try them on so I could get a picture.

This is Jaiden's

This is Arya's

The pattern was very easy to follow. My only issues with the pattern are, 1. The size 5 that I made for Jaiden was huge and and so was the 3, so I had to take them in a lot. 2. I had to turn down the waist for the pants down about 6 inches. I guess they expect the kids to wear the shorts under their arms.


Doreen said...

Wow great work Amber especially that you had to re-do your work and take in so much, well done.
I love the fabric and colours you chose : )
Have a great weekend!

Ginny said...

Hi Amber. I also still use patterns (seems we are a dying group!). Just wanted to let you know that pattern sizes are typically WAY different than the sizes we wear. Patterns are still based upon the old sizing, you know, before they changed sizes to make us bigger people feel smaller so we would go out shopping and not feel huge. With patterns you have to check the measurements. My oldest who wears a size 5 is actually a 14 patterns size! They turned out cute by the way!

Ginger said...

AMber i got my prize boy did i win a lot of great goodies.
Sorry all who didnt win the great prizes each one amber i can use tell hubby thank you as well ,this was my first time winning anything.
Big thank you so much!!!
hugs ginger
came fri afternoon.